The Special Magistrate's Seminar™

    "It's never been a fair fight!  At the beginning of every hearing, the property appraiser establishes his presumption of correctness.  From that point on, Florida law says he's right and the petitioner is wrong!  The deck is stacked against him from the start!

    Over 7 in every 10 petitioners, who challenge their assessments in Florida, lose their appeals.  The weakness in Florida's petitioning process is that the average petitioner is  ill prepared to effectively argue his case.  The petitioner does not understand what the law requires of him, he does not understand the valuation process, and he does not have the skill set, the training or the tools to effectively argue his case.

        The petitioner is the rookie in the room and he's up against a highly skilled, veteran property appraiser with super computers and the best data on every property and sale in the county!  It's a mismatch! 

    My seminar and presentation template levels the playing field.  This is a "nuts and bolts" training seminar
designed to provide the knowledge, training and tools a petitioner needs to effectively appeal his assessment.

    I think it's time we part the clouds and cast a little sunshine on this process.  Petitioners deserve some help and I'm going to give it to them!"

Fred Rossiter
Florida Special Magistrate - Valuation
State-Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser RD4507

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The Special Magistrate's Seminar™
An online seminar that teaches Florida property owners how to
appeal their assessment and lower their Florida property taxes.
Florida Assessment Appeal - Lower Your Florida Property Taxes
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